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Well I meant to write something in March but now it is April....

The 'Garden walk'  on April  2  was good even though it rained like crazy.

I thought we got quite a few people considering the forecast.

And because of the garden walk I cleaned up the place and ha...


Many years ago, maybe 8,  Gordon Turner  started the Studio Tour in the

Village. It has usually been good but this year it was even better in attendence and in sales.  I demoed Horse hair pottery and Mosaics outside and Liz demoed wood burning on gourds and her ast...


I trust whatever holidays you celebrated were happy.

I wish you love and peace for the New Year!





Well Moving right along...  Day of the dead done.

What a crowd.  Everyone did good and thanks to Carrie

for all she did getting every one together to make it a success.


This Saturday village wide garage sale!!!


Then Saturday the 28th its  "Small Business Saturday"  Come...


some think 'day of the dead' has to do with halloween or zombies or as someone once said to me 'it has to do with voodoo'. well it has nothing to do with any of those things. Quite simply it is all souls day , a time to honor our relitives and ancesters that have passe...


Just learning to set up this website , please bear with me if you happen upon me before I finish. thanks Anna@lil'swamp

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