Dia de los Muertos

some think 'day of the dead' has to do with halloween or zombies or as someone once said to me 'it has to do with voodoo'. well it has nothing to do with any of those things. Quite simply it is all souls day , a time to honor our relitives and ancesters that have passed before us and to relaize that death is part of life, none of us escape the death of our bodies but our souls exist forever! Come and celebrate! "Dia de los Muertos" (day of the dead) Nov.6 from 6-9pm & Nov.7 11-4pm @ Village of the Arts ,Bradenton,Fl. A celebration of honoring our ancesters that have lived before us.Litle Swamp Gallery will have a selection od day of the dead art for veiwing and for sale. Come to the 'Village of the Arts' and experience our 'Dia de los Muertos' celebration Village style!